(Lines composed a few minutes ago, on the death of the cruellest month)

Churning and churning and churning, in the ever-widening gyre, the COVID wave,
Confounded humanity as if caught in a fretful rave.

The centre can not hold, states boundless yearning,
Despite all their honest and impartial discerning.

Though never has been head so native to the hand,
Yet the invisible enemy emptying the land.

Best and the worst both busy turning crisis into opportunity,
Heedless of the message that imparts the Adversity.

Trees and shrubs, plants and herbs, 
Stand still as oxygen hubs.

Morning breeze blew, twittering birds flew,
Men for oxygen stood in queues.

With parched throats and hearts dry,
Heaving humanity for fresh air cry.

Zephyr fanning in holt and Heath,
But the invisible COVID choking the breath.

Wind, wind, everywhere on earth, but not a gust to inhale.
Water, water everywhere water, 
Suck we the lukewarm and steam without fail.

Beneath the copper sky and the bloody sun,
Virtual IPL, weddings and cremations run.

As usual in this cruellest month, men smouldering on the oblong pyres, like the butt-end of a cigarette,
While the burial of the dead, puts them in profound regret.

Things, Kings and kins all fall apart,
Stunned to count death and depart.

Nature seemed auditing men’s infiltration,
Slouching towards balance, but without incarnation.


. Composed by-

 HOD of English
 KB Postgraduate College, Mirzapur
 (Affiliated to Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi)