The Lucknow chapter of FICCI Ladies Organisation organize a live event, SHAURYA GATHA

The Lucknow chapter of FICCI Ladies Organisation organizes a live event, SHAURYA GATHA on 28th August ,’2021

2021 is a year of great importance in the history of India. This is the beginning of 75 years of Independence for our country . A country which battled for its Independence for more than a century . Thousands gave their life in the freedom struggle so that the country lives to see and breathe in an independent world.  Indians will forever be indebted to their sacrifice. Ficci Flo and its members were full of patriotism and wished to celebrate their country .  Independence Day is a festival of freedom for all Indians . This freedom was made possible by generations of freedom fighters; some known, many unknown. They made great sacrifices. Today India breathes under free skies thanks to their heroic deeds. Ficci Flo wished to pay respect and homage to the pious memory of those brave martyrs. 
It was an honour for Flo to have Shrimati Sanyukta Bhatia , Mayor , Lucknow as their chief guest and Ms Lalita Pradeep , Additional Director Basic Education , UP as the Guest of Honour . 
The programme began with the lighting  of the lamp by Ms Sanyukta Bhatia , Ms Lalita Pradeep , Arushi Tandon , Simu Ghai and Swati Verma . 

SHAURYA GATHA wad a small tribute by Flo members to pay respect to the memory of many unsung heroes of our freedom struggle . The event was divided into two part . In the first part the Flo members enacted the characters of many freedom fighters. Swati Mohan as Zeenat Mahal , Nivedita Singh as Rani Laxmibai , Garima Agarwal as Jhalkari Bai , Jyoti Dewan as Hazrat Mahal and Deepali Chopra as Uda Devi . These characters were directed by Mohammad Rashid and
Vani Anand and-brought back an era of history to the stage. The air was filled with patriotic sounds and the entire Hilton Hotel reverberated with the sounds of “ Bharat Maata Ki Jai “ and “ Jai Hind “. 
The second part of the evening was an awe inspiring DASTAAN GOI by the famous Himanshu Bajpai and Pragya Sharma. They brought the life and valour of the Rani of Jhansi alive with their powerful narration of her life . They transported the audience to the courts and battle fields of Jhansi where the clashing swords of the British and the Rani’s army were echoing in every ear. The listeners lived her sorrow of losing her child and husband to deciding to fight for the rights of her adopted son. 
It was a-historic evening that captured and reawakened many memories that lay hidden in every Indian’s heart and mind . 
The event was moderated by Ananya Gupta and the chair of the evening were Vani Anand and Annie Zaidi . The evening was concluded with a formal thank you speech by Vani Anand . 

Arushi Tandon, Chairperson Ficci Flo Lucknow was so full of emotion that her eyes said more than her words . She says “ Today let us remember their stories, rejoice in their victories, cry for their pain.and losses and most importantly, revere them for their strong voices, their strength, their courage . “ 
She felt honoured to be able to make Ficci Flo  Lucknow contribute to 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ . 
Simu Ghai , Swati Verma, Vandita Agarwal, Vibha Agarwal, Smriti Garg and many Flo members contributed to make this programme a success.